Throughout the year, Stratford Hall welcomes photography and filming and we are delighted that you are considering Stratford Hall as the venue for your photos. The guidelines outlined below are intended for all guests, but a permit is necessary for those who wish to use Stratford Hall’s grounds as a backdrop for posed or directed photography. We ask all photographers to help us to maintain the integrity of the historic site, gardens and grounds by honoring these policies.  


Photographs are a wonderful way to remember your visit. For your own enjoyment, visitors and members are welcome to take in-the-moment photographs of plants, individuals and subjects that capture the events of your visit. Guests should still observe our policy under General Photography Policies. We encourage you to share your photos of Stratford Hall on social media outlets, including Facebook and Instagram (@stratfordhall) and tag Stratford Hall. 


Stratford Hall defines portrait photography as all wedding, engagement, family, maternity, portfolio, prom, graduation, and any other posed portraiture of individuals by professional photographers, as well as semi-pro, or amateur photographers, whether the photographer is being paid or not. Stratford Hall reserves the right to further define portrait photography on a case-by-case basis. 

All portrait photography must be approved and scheduled in advance, and the reservation form must be submitted in order to request a photo session date. Once we receive your request, you will be contacted by the Events Office for payment. Photographers who do not pre-schedule will be approached by staff members during their photo session regarding scheduling and payment. 

Reservations and Permit: Please note that payment must be made in advance to reserve your session. Reservations are approved and accepted during the four weeks to one week prior to your photo shoot. Non-member photographers must check in at the Visitor Center to pick up a photo permit when they arrive for the shoot. 

Professional Photographers: To become a member photographer, the fee is $500 for one year. Member photographers do not pay the per-session fee, but they must still schedule their sessions with Stratford’s Events Coordinator. Members are allowed a maximum of one 2-hour session per day.  

The image, logo and name of Stratford Hall are registered trademarks and may not be used by outside parties without express written permission. If you plan to sell your work, please contact Stratford Hall’s Director of Marketing and Communications Anne Wilson for information on trademarks and how they may or may not be used. 


Clients must arrive camera-ready, as there are no dressing room facilities. 

Display your permit prominently either around your neck or on your equipment. 

Set up your shoot in a manner that does not impact visitors or disrupt events and maintenance. 


Please complete the reservation form to request a photo session date. Please note that reservations are accepted by appointment only. Sessions that are not pre-arranged will incur the walk-in, non-reserved rate. 


$75:   1-6 people in off season (January and February)
$100: 1-6 people in peak season (March-December)
$200: Groups of 7 to 15 people 


Between 8 and 10 a.m. or 4 and 7 p.m.: additional $50 surcharge. 


$150:  1-6 people in peak season (March-December)
$100:  1-6 people in off-season (January and February)
$250:  7-15 people in peak season (March-December)
$200:  7-15 people in off-season (January and February) 


Stratford Hall and its facilities are subject to weather variations and temporary closures. Stratford Hall will attempt to reschedule should a session need to be canceled, but there will be no refunds. Shooting dates may be adjusted in the event of inclement weather; any changes must be agreed upon by our Events office. For more information, please contact


Commercial photographers and commercial or independent videographers, please see Stratford Hall’s photo and video policy for filming in historic areas. All commercial photo shoot and commercial or independent video shoot applications must be submitted in advance to Stratford Hall for approval.  To submit a request, please email 

Photography & Filming FAQ 

When is a photography permit required? 

  • When the primary purpose of your visit is to capture of photos of you, your family or a group.  
  • When a photographer (professional or hobbyist, paid or unpaid) will be accompanying you to take the photos. 

What does a photography permit cover? 

  • Our photography permit provides access to Stratford Hall’s gardens, beach, and grounds throughout the property. The interior of the Great House is not available for portrait or formal photography.  

How do I get a photography permit? 

How far in advance do I need to schedule my photography permit? 

  • Reserve your photography permit at least two weeks prior to the requested date of photography shoot. 

Do you allow day-of walk-ins? 

  • Stratford Hall cannot guarantee access to the grounds for photography permits on a walk-in basis, due to other scheduled events. 

Do you allow drone photography and filming? 

  • A photography permit is required for drone photography and filming. Please email to schedule at least two weeks prior to the requested date.  

What if it rains or I need to reschedule? 

  • If you need to reschedule due to inclement weather, please email to find a mutually agreeable time. Rescheduling for any reason other than inclement weather incurs a fee of $50.