We give voice to Stratford Hall’s people, places, and past to engage, educate, and inspire.


We envision a nation of informed and engaged citizens inspired by Stratford Hall’s presentation of our layered past.


Authenticity – We commit to honest and accurate preservation, interpretation and presentation of our buildings, land, and stories.

Integrity – We will demonstrate the integrity and courage to seek and share our full history.

Relevance – We aspire to bring history alive and remain relevant nationally and internationally in a constantly changing world.

Community Impact – We will contribute positively to our local community.

Belonging – We seek to create a spirit of mutual understanding through open dialogue, hospitality, and inclusion of all our stories.

Stratford Hall Board of Directors

Stratford Hall is governed today by a dedicated group of women with a passion for history, preservation and horticulture representing 23 states and the District of Columbia.