Explore the New StratfordHall.org

Welcome to the new StratfordHall.org.

Rooted in Stratford Hall’s rich history, this new site is focused on providing relevant and expansive stories of those who lived and worked at Stratford including preservation and restoration work, research, and historical collections. 

While adopting a new look with bright colors and fresh photos of our historic buildings and grounds, we completely rethought the structure of the site to make things easier to find and help plan your visit. 

Whether you’ve been a frequent visitor or you are new to our site, all information about visiting Stratford Hall and our historic grounds can easily be found under the menu bar of Explore, Visit, Learn, Events, and News.

Virtual Tours and Educational Resources have been expanded and can be found under LEARN. The Jessie Ball duPont Memorial Library remains the go-to center for research, visit this page and delve into our collections and research. An improved events calendar highlights year-round programs and signature events, including outdoor and family activities.

Additionally, the website is built for mobile, so it will be just as engaging and friendly on your mobile phone or tablet as it is on your desktop. 

So, we are excited you’re here: take a look around, bookmark your favorite pages, and check back often for updates and new content.