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Stop by Stratford Hall this Saturday. Admission is FREE and you can be one of the first to try our new app! ...

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The Stratford Hall dining room was hung with an assortment of prints, and we're investigating which ones. Starting with some examples in our own collection...

Engraving (Figures in Landscape)
Engraved by J. Wood after Gaspard Dughet, known as Gaspard Poussin; published by Ar Pond
Ink on paper, 1742
Gift of Jessie Ball duPont [1970.021]
(Behind the scenes)

Based on a 17th-century painting by Gaspard Poussin, the engraving was still being offered in London printsellers' stocks as late as 1803, illustrating the continued popularity of such prints into the 19th century.

This landscape print was placed on loan to Stratford in the 1950s and hung in the White Bedchamber. It was gifted to the museum collection in 1970 and eventually moved to the Upper Stair Passage until removed in 2008 for that space's restoration. We have it on the short list to be reinstalled (or a reproduction thereof) in the Great House following the Dining Room's refurnishing.

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One of our latest gifts was an unusual discovery by a friend of a member of Stratford's interpretive early article on Stratford from the Washington, DC Sunday Star Magazine dated August 4, 1929, which was stuffed into the upholstery of a chair. ...

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