With the Holidays Upon Us

With the holidays upon us, most topics of conversation revolve around the culinary world. What to serve to your family and how to serve it. The one thing everyone forgets to think about is, “how to make this a special meal.” My words of advice are, “it’s your family, do what you do best.” Families all across the nation are ramping up Thanksgiving and The Holidays, what are your plans? What have you always served? What have your family and friends come to expect?

Here at Stratford Hall, we have a long-standing tradition of what our guests have come to expect for the Holiday Season. From “Turkey and stuffing” to “Glazed ham with sweet potatoes”, and everything in between.

This year’s menu boasts traditional flavors and ingredients, but utilized in a less traditional way. Of course there will be roasted turkey and honey ham, as for the pumpkins, this year we’ve added a Pumpkin Spice Soup to our culinary arsenal. What is a Stratford Holiday without our handmade biscuits or our traditional cornbread, but this year we are adding our newest offering, Honey Wheat Yeast Rolls. Our Honey Wheat Rolls are amazing and infinitely unique; A Stratford Hall delicacy in every sense of the word, whole wheat flour milled here at the plantation and organic honey harvested from behind the great house make a tasty addition to our repertoire.

No matter what you serve at your gatherings this season, make it unique and memorable. Remember, you’re not just serving food, you’re creating memories to last a lifetime.

-Will Epes, Chef