Winter’s Delight

As a lifelong transplant to Virginia, I have come to truly enjoy all the seasons we experience. The abundance of life that heralds the spring, the long days with warm sunlight during the summer followed by the grand colors that our native forest gives us in the autumn. Some would say that the winter is only cold, wet and grey while I say it can be the most interesting season of them all.

During the winter months there are so many changes. Besides the addition of blaze orange there is the occasional snow plow. There are evergreen trees, yards and houses that are lit up with great care that in the summer you would just drive by without even noticing them. The same goes for some of the wonderful sights and views that can now be seen since the trees have lost their leaves.

Taking a walk along our mill pond trail this time of year you can not only see the entire pond at once, but you can take in incredible rolling topography that supplies the pond with its water. The light that is filtered through the naked branches sparkles off the Little Meadow Run as it makes its way to the Potomac River on the Little Meadow Run trail. I can now spot the bright white bark of the American Sycamore from a mile away as I walk the Oval in front of the Great House.

Yes, the winter can be cold, wet and grey but it can also be bright, it can sparkle and it can give you sights and perspectives like no other time of the year.

-Matt Peterschmidt, Director of Landscapes