Winter Changes at Stratford Hall

For the months of January and February, we are following new winter hours. Stratford Hall’s Great House andVisitor Center will be open only on weekends and holidays–January 18th for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; January 19th for Robert E. Lee’s Birthday (not an “official” holiday, of course!); and February 15th for Presidents’ Day. On March 1, we will return to normal operating hours. The grounds are still open every day from 9:30-4pm, so people are still welcome to hike the trails or visit the beach and look for fossils.

While we operate on this shorter schedule, we’re making some changes around the site. For starters, we will be opening a new cafe in our current gift shop building, putting the food services and gift shop together. This cafe will offer light fare for people to purchase, including sandwiches, soups, and salads, and will be open on days Stratford is open to the public. The cafe will have both indoor and outdoor seating, so visitors can enjoy sitting outside during the warm summer months. It will officially open in the spring, once Stratford returns to its normal operating hours. The photos on this blog posting are of our contractors working on the new bathroom in the gift shop/cafe.

This also means that our dining room will now be open only for catered events (this is a permanent change). To book a catered event, please call Kay Campbell at (804) 493-8038, ext. 9696, or e-mail her at
We hope you’ll be able to visit us in the spring to experience the new changes at Stratford Hall!