That’s a Wrap..

If you are a regular reader of this blog or have visited Stratford Hall in the past 18 months, you are aware of the Parlor restoration project. I am pleased to say that, excluding a couple of minor details, we have returned the Parlor to its Federal period form and appearance of “Light Horse Harry” Lee. It has taken a collaborative effort of architectural historians, architects, conservators, curators and craftspeople to complete this exciting restoration project. We have experienced some problems, like a ceiling that resembled a topographical map, but we have figured them out and can now present this restored space to visitors. 

The major changes of the restoration include:

• Removal of the 19th-century window seats and installation of wood paneling in the window embrasures.

• Installation of a new plaster cornice.

• Application of hand-ground linseed oil paint.

All restoration work was based upon exhaustive architectural investigation and research. We are very excited to share this space with our visitors and invite you to visit Stratford Hall to experience this newly restored space.

-Phil Mark, Director of Preservation