2023 Teachers Seminar with Stratford Hall Historic Preserve & Preservation Virginia

Religion & Spirituality from Colony to Commonwealth

July 6 – 9, 2023

From Islam to Indigenous spiritways, Christianity to African and Creole religions, astrology to witchcraft and ghost beliefs, religion and spirituality were integral to practices of community and conflict in colonial America. A collaboration of Stratford Hall Historic Preserve and Preservation Virginia, the 2023 Teachers Seminar will explore the roles played by religion and spirituality in the formation and understanding of identity, good government, emerging national narratives and myth, and the conduct of daily life and interactions from Stratford to Jamestowne and beyond. We consider the written record of religious communities and the material culture of those early communities unearthed and preserved by archaeologists and others. Onsite presentations at Stratford Hall and travel-study to Bacon’s Castle and Historic Jamestowne will be capped with a workshop focused on translating Seminar insights for the k-12 classroom.

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