Special Projects


There are a number of exciting funding opportunities available for Stratford Hall supporters.  These projects range from object conservation to preservation and public programs.  We welcome funding in entirety or in part for any of the projects listed.  For more information, please contact the Development Office at (804) 493-1970 or by email at development@stratfordhall.org.

Conservation of Robert E. Lee’s Felt Hat

General Lee’s hat was on long-term display in Stratford Hall’s museum galleries and is in need of cleaning and stabilization to help preserve it for future study and exhibition.  This project will also include the fitting of the hat with a conservation-safe mount, which will help keep the hat’s form as well as minimize handling of this delicate object.  $1,300 is needed to complete this project.




Richard Henry Lee re-enactor with school children at Lees & Independence

Lees and Independence

The Lees and Independence is a signature event for Stratford Hall.  The event commemorates the contributions of members of the Lee family to the cause of independence, particularly those of Richard Henry Lee and Francis Lightfoot Lee, the only brothers to sign the Declaration of Independence.  Interpretive educational programs and activities for the whole family are offered.  Admission is free.  $2,500 is needed to hold this event.





The “Ha-Ha” Wall Gates

The sunken wall on the south side of the Great House that separates the lawn from the road was employed to keep cattle and other animals out of gardens and lawns while not obstructing the picturesque view.  Here at Stratford, we refer to this wall as the “Ha-Ha” wall.  A wall was here when the Lee family resided at Stratford and was reconstructed during RELMA’s initial restoration.  However, due to deterioriation over time, it is now necessary that the gates over the “Ha-Ha” wall be rebuilt.  $4,500 is needed to fix the gates that all visitors pass on their way to and from the Great House.



The Payne Memorial Cabin is part of the Stratford landscape that could be interpreted by interns

Landscape Interpretation Internships

Stratford has over 1,900 acres of land to be interpreted and explored.  We would like to hire and mentor local high school students to interpret the landscape this summer (2014).  The students will provide visitors with insights into Stratford’s gardens and grounds and conduct special tours.  In return, the students will have paid employment, job training, and references for future job/college applications.  $2,500 is needed to fund this initiative.










Teacher Institute participants watch the operation of Stratford’s gristmill

Stratford Hall Teachers Institute

Since 2011, the Teacher Institute has been held over the course of four days each summer at Stratford Hall.  The 2014 Stratford Hall Teachers Institute will focus on Stratford Hall, economic and political life in the revolutionary-era Virginia Tidewater, the Lee family, and the Atlantic world in the revolutionary period.  Topics of study will include the politics of revolution in Virginia, domestic life, slavery, the plantation landscape4, and the relationship of private life to public affairs of the American Revolution.  The Institute includes 30 teachers annually.  $25,000 is needed to fund the institute.

Please contact the Development Office for further information about giving opportunities for special projects in the areas of education, preservation, collections, and landscape. Past projects that have been funded in this manner include school field trips, symposiums, building preservation, collections and landscape restoration.