Stratford Hall: More than a Museum

Hi there! My name is Courtenay Dobbins and I joined the team here at Stratford Hall about ten weeks ago. One aspect of my job as Development and Marketing Communications Assistant is capturing the visitor experience. I snap lots of pictures, record videos, and then post the footage on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. This inclusion of “social media” is another great way for you and all of us at Stratford Hall to communicate in a current and informative manner. Many museums and historic sites use social media to keep visitors and “followers” up to date.

However, I have learned over the past few months that something you won’t find here at Stratford is the typical visitor experience. After just a few tours of the Great House, I realized that each interpreter has his or her own unique way of sharing the fascinating and significant story of an American family, the issue of slavery and indentured servants, and the history of the four generations of inhabitants at Stratford over 300 years. In addition to the Great House and Visitor Center, Stratford’s 1900 acres has much more to offer. Following your tour of the Great House, you can stay on grounds for as long as you wish- whether it’s hiking, searching for shark teeth on our beach, enjoying lunch in our dining room, watching the restored Mill on the Potomac operate on a Saturday, or spending the weekend in one of our tranquil guest houses-you decide how you experience Stratford.

From history buffs to sight-seeing families, Stratford Hall offers a vast multitude of choices for visitors of all ages to make your trip as memorable as it is enriching.

-Courtenay Dobbins, Development and Marketing Communications Assistant