Stratford Hall Announces Kay Campbell as Director of Hospitality

STRATFORD, VA, (March 15, 2018) –

Stratford Hall is pleased to announce that Kay Campbell is joining the staff at the end of March as Director of Hospitality.  In this position Kay will have management responsibility for the range of hospitality operations at Stratford, including lodging, dining and food service.  Since June 2011 Kay has been the owner of The Fat Finch Café in Tappahannock, VA and built a successful and popular restaurant and catering business highlighting the product of the Northern Neck.  She is closing the Café in order to accept the challenge of building a thriving hospitality operation at Stratford and thereby enhance the historic site’s appeal as a destination.
“I am delighted that Kay has decided to join us at Stratford,” said John Bacon, president of Stratford Hall.  “Kay’s experience as a successful restaurateur and caterer in the region bodes well for the future of this aspect of the Stratford experience.  Her attention to detail and high standards of guest service will both sustain and add to the stature of this important place.”
“It is a wonderful opportunity to join the team at Stratford and contribute to the well-being of this jewel of the Northern Neck,” said Kay Campbell.  “Growing up in the area, Stratford was always thought of as a special place to celebrate important occasions and reconnect with family and friends.  It can be that again and much more, and I look forward to working with my new colleagues to create new chapters in the Stratford story.” 
Make sure to stay in touch with Stratford Hall for announcements of new and exciting approaches in dining and hospitality in the coming weeks and months!