Ongoing Projects

Historical Preservation Projects

Restoration in progress

Window Seats Removed

The Preservation Department of Stratford Hall is always working on multiple preservation projects. These projects vary in size from large restoration projects to small annual projects.
The Department conducts an Annual Conditions Survey each fall. This survey allows the Department to prioritize the preservation needs of the historic structures. Each building receives a extensive survey every three years. In the years between the extensive survey the buildings are surveyed to be sure a major problem has not arisen over the past year.

The Preservation Department has developed a Cyclical Maintenance Plan to preserve the valuable historic structures of Stratford Hall. With the implementation of this plan, major preservation issues with these historic structures have been avoided. The Preservation Department feels that regular maintenance is the backbone of historic preservation.

The Department also conducts and oversees large scale preservation projects to support the comprehensive interpretive plan for the Great House.

Website visitors are welcome to view a staff-generated blog about our most recent preservation activities.