Preservation Field Lab at the Spring House


For a week at the end of June, Belmont Technical College’s Building Preservation/Restoration program brought eight students here to Stratford Hall to preserve one of our spring houses. This project was chosen as the first collaboration between Stratford Hall and Belmont Technical College to ensure that this spring house will continue to stand and function for years to come.

Over the course of the week, the students were able to complete the preservation work. The work included installing a new cypress shingle roof, painting all the wood elements, repointing,brick replacement, brick wall stabilization, and stair repair. As with almost all preservation work, as they began working, new problems were identified and the group handled them with ease. One of the problems encountered by the group was rotting purlins and rafters. They were able to consolidate or replace these areas and continue with the project.

This first collaboration was a success for both the Belmont students and Stratford Hall. The spring house was preserved while the students gained hands-on experience at a historical site. We are hoping to continue this relationship in the future. It is my hope to continue supporting students who are pursuing a career in hands-on preservation through internships and field labs here at Stratford Hall.