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Mobile Tours

(re)Discover Stratford Mobile Tours

When visiting Stratford Hall you have the option of touring the Great House on either a self-guided or guided tour. If you’d like to go on a self-guided tour, purchase a tour ticket upon entering the grounds and head to the Visitor Center. The pricing is the same for both guided and self-guided tours. Once at the Visitor Center let the Visitor Services Rep at the counter know that you’d like to go on a self-guidedEducation mobile tour screen shot tour. You will be provided with a mobile tour device and headphones for you to use during your visit.

The Great House mobile tour (re)discover Stratford allows our visitors to choose between three unique tour options; SquirreLee University, the Lee Family tour, and the Geek tour. The tours allow for a lot of flexibility because you are free to move at your own pace. If you want to listen and watch every stop on (re)discover Stratford, you should plan on about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

SquirreLee University

The SquirreLee University tour for children combines the technology of a mobile tour with hands-on activities throughout the Great House. Children will become a SquirreLee IMG_3460University Intern. SquirreLee University is t  he fictional school run by the squirrels who have lived at Stratford Hall for centuries. Since a squirrel is part of the Lee family crest, the squirrels and Lee family members always had a close relationship. Now with the house empty the squirrels wish to conduct an investigation of the Great House and learn how humans used different spaces.

squirrel lee university 1

Children are given a workbook and a mobile device to take through the house. They are assigned different tasks such as drawing architectural features and explaining what different rooms and objects are used for. Tour participants can visit the Gift Shop after their tour and pick up a Certificate of congratulations for completing the SquirreLee University tour. Children ages 5 to 12 are encouraged to participate in the children’s tour.

In order to promote our children’s mobile tour, SquirreLee University, Stratford Hall is giving away $2 off general admission coupons.

Print out the coupons by clicking here and present them to the gatekeeper upon arrival at Stratford.

The Lee Family Tour

For those who enjoy a traditional guided tour but want to give a self-guided tour a try, we highly recommend the Lee Family tour. This tour gives our visitors in-depth information on the Lee family members who lived at Stratford Hall. You’ll hear new stories and facts about the Lee family that we haven’t been able to include in a traditional guided tour due to time restrictions.

The Geek Tour

MobiletourThe Geek Tour is filled with all the staff’s favorite information that does not seem to fit in the standard guided tour. It also highlights our current research and restoration projects. All the Geek Tour stops content is created by staff members, and we are able to update the tour as we move forward with projects and discover new information to share. If you want some behind the scenes access and a non-traditional tour experience, give the Geek Tour a try!

n-compass Grounds Tour

Another new Stratford tour option is available on your own mobile device. Available for free screen1136x1136 (2)download on the iTunes store is n-compass, our grounds mobile tour app. With this app you can listen to stories from our staff and visitors to Stratford Hall. You also can add your own comments and stories to which future visitors will be able to listen.

The n-compass recordings are spread throughout the historic area and beyond, so time spent on the app is more determined by how far the visitor wishes to explore. As you explore the grounds, you will come across audio recordings. Stay to listen or move on…it is up to you! This app is only available for iPhones, you can search for the app by typing in n-compass Stratford on the App store. We are currently working on an Android version of n-compass.


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About the name (re)discover…President Franklin D. Roosevelt wrote in the foreword to Ethel Armes’ book Stratford Hall: The Great House of the Lees, published in 1936, “I always think of myself as a rediscoverer of Stratford.”