Non Incautus Futuri

As winter has set in on the Northern Neck, we are reminded of the squirrel on the Lee family crest and the motto, “Non Incautus Futuri,” or be not unmindful of the future. Whether you celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day on Tuesday, or you ran cursing after a squirrel raiding the birdfeeder in a snow storm on that day as I did, the squirrel and the motto remain just as relevant as it was in the Lees’ time.

Be not unmindful of the future. It is certainly a motto that squirrels live by. For while we humans are busy raking leaves or watching non-stop football games in the fall, our furry friends are quite literally squirreling away nuts for the future. That future, a January day with snow and temperatures heading towards the single digits, is of course here now.

We do appreciate squirrels here at Stratford Hall. You will find them running around the 1,900 acre property as well as residing in the Gift Shop on numerous items, squirrel glassware being one of the more popular items. So let us raise our squirrel glasses in a toast to the mascot of the “be not unmindful of the future” motto. Should we be as well prepared for the future as they always are.

-Jim Schepmoes, Director of Marketing