Moving Day

Well, moving day for one room.

Today we started moving furniture out of the Parlor in preparation for our new restoration project. We had four staff members in the house, four movers, four guys from our grounds crew (special thanks to Tommy, Paul, William, and Randolph!), a moving truck, and a lift to make this possible. It is hard to imagine how difficult it would have been to move some of the furniture and supplies into the Great House during the time of the Lees. The ha-ha wall keeps all trucks, cars, carriages, and any other modes of transportation away from the Great House.

Artex was on-site to help move and pack the larger furniture items. While the work is underway, the furniture will be on display in the Preservation Gallery, in other area of the Great House, or off-site for preservation. As you can see from the picture, some of the crates we had made are quite large and took seven people to carry into the Great Hall!

Stay tuned for updates, photos, and videos about this project. Our Director of Preservation, Curator, Collections Manager, and Director of Interpretation will all take turns blogging about their part in the restoration project.