Mission Possible

One of the things I like about Stratford Hall’s mission is that it goes beyond the obvious preservation of historic structures and landscapes. It also focuses on promoting “the ideals of leadership honor, independent thought and civic responsibility” – values that many members of the Lee family shared.

Recently I learned of a website called www.icivics.org, which is designed to use games to teach children more about civics and civic responsibility. I decided to check it out myself. The screen name I was given was “Tangerine Representative 977.” I’m trying not to read too much into that… but back to the games.

“Win the White House” does an excellent job of illustrating how polls, fundraising, campaign appearances, and electoral delegates are all part of the election process. Players choose which party they represent, create a party platform, develop campaign ads and cross the country to get the most delegates. The timing is just right for this game!

The Responsibility Launcher game is designed to foster some of the values mentioned in Stratford Hall’s mission statement. Fictional characters in the game are in “conundrums” that can be solved by different civic responsibilities. This includes paying taxes, voting, staying informed, respecting others, speaking your mind, getting an education and others.

I can imagine Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee and other members of the family checking out www.icivics.org. Try it out with your family. It’s a lot more challenging than Angry Birds or Words with Friends!

-Chandler Battaile, Director of Development