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The Legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel

August 10 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Gilbert Klingel was a self-taught naturalist and explorer who spent his life studying the Chesapeake Bay. His article, “One Hundred Hours Beneath the Chesapeake,” in the May 1955 issue of National Geographic featured color photos that were among the first taken from beneath a temperate estuary. These images were taken from inside a diving vessel invented by Klingel that was lowered into the waters off Gwynn’s Island in the Chesapeake Bay.

The film showcases Klingel’s passion for conservation and his adventures including his time being shipwrecked on a sparsely populated remote island near the shores of Cuba after a violent storm at sea and building underwater submersibles and 30-75 foot boats with metal hulls by hand.

After the film a panel discussion will be held featuring the film’s producer and director Dave Miller, co-producer Tom Robinson, Klingel’s daughter and co-producer Marcy Klingel Benouameur, and estuarine ecologist Dr. Kent Mountford.


Price: $10/person to attend

Group Rate: $5/person for group of 3 or more

$10 for a DVD copy of “The legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel”


Panel Participants

Dave Miller

Virginia Filmmaker Dave Miller developed his passion for film in college. He produces, directs, and manages all aspects of media. He began his own film company, Miller Productions of Virginia, in 2013 and is currently working on documentary films and stories for television. He produces films about the Chesapeake Bay and about the wonderful variety of life found in Virginia.

His film for 2016 was “Journey on the Chesapeake: The Way Back Home.” In 2018 he worked with The Mathews Maritime Foundation and National Geographic in producing “The Legend of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel.” Dave has received numerous national awards as well as regional Emmys and nominations. However, what motivates Dave is meeting great people and telling their stories.


Marcy Klingel Benouameur

Marcy is the daughter of Gilbert Klingel. She grew up around her father’s boat yards and inherited his love of the Chesapeake Bay. Marcy has a MA degree in Cultural Anthropology from UNC Chapel Hill, NC.  She has taught in the U.S. and abroad, worked in the U.S. Foreign Service, and has traveled extensively. Marcy is a co-producer of, “The Legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel.” She is retired from the Smithsonian Institution in D.C. and lives in Mathews, Virginia. Marcy is currently the President of the Mathews Maritime Foundation.


Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson is Vice President of the Mathews Maritime Foundation and Founder of the ZUNI/TAMAROA Maritime Foundation. Tom is a co-producer of, “The Legacy of Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel.”


Dr. Kent Mountford

Dr. Kent Mountford is an estuarine ecologist with over 50 years experience focused on North America’s mid-Atlantic temperate estuaries. As a working scientist he spent a decade and a half studying productivity and ecology of coastal plankton systems. As chair and project officer for an ad-hoc Modeling Committee, he pushed interpreting the Bay’s pre-European condition as part of setting restoration and protection baselines in the modern estuary.

Mountford served on the Chesapeake Bay Program’s early Management Committee. When the Chesapeake Bay Program concluded its six-year research phase in 1983-84, Mountford joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new Bay Program Office to coordinate its estuary-wide monitoring program, now after a third of a century, broadly accepted as the most comprehensive and enduring such program in America. Mountford spent the balance of his 16 years at EPA as Bay Program’s senior Environmental Scientist.

Gilbert Klingel: Man of Steel Film Trailer

Registration requested. Contact Jon Bachman at JBachman@StratfordHall.org or 804-493-1972.


August 10
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


duPont Library
483 Great House Road
Stratford, VA 22558 United States

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