Suggested Reading

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee: A Biography (1995) by Emory Thomas [good overall – easy to read] Reading the Man: A Portrait of Robert E. Lee through his Private Letters (2007) by Elizabeth Brown Pryor [includes excerpts of letters, new research materials, detailed family background] Lee: The Last Years (1981) by Charles Bracelen Flood [excellent for years following the Civil War] R. E. Lee: A Biography (1934) by Douglas Southall Freeman [Four volumes – can be also found in abridged version] Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee – originally published 1904 by Robert E. Lee, Jr. and reprinted 2004 by Barnes & Noble Pub., Inc. [includes excerpts of family letters] Robert E. Lee: An Album (2000) by Emory M. Thomas [good for images of Lee] Lee and Grant (2007) by William M. S. Rasmussen and Robert S. Tilton [compares lives of Lee and Grant to accompany exhibition of same title]

The Lees and Stratford

Stratford Hall Plantation and the Lees of Virginia: A Stratford Handbook (1998) by RELMA [short, basic information on Lees who lived at Stratford] The Lees of Virginia: Seven Generations of an American Family (1990) by Paul C. Nagel [best overall study of the Lee family – available in paperback] Lee of Virginia: 1642-1892 (1895) by Edmund Jennings Lee [genealogical reference – now out of print but can sometimes be found in large libraries] Light-Horse Harry Lee and the Legacy of the American Revolution (1981) by Charles Royster [now out of print but best scholarly study of Henry Lee published] Paul Buchanan: Stratford Hall and Other Architectural Studies (1998) [architectural study of Stratford with biographical material on historic architect Paul Buchanan written by William Seale] Richard Henry Lee of Virginia: A Portrait of an American Revolutionary (2004) by J. Kent McCaughy [scholarly account of Richard Henry Lee in context of colonial politics] Arthur Lee: A Virtuous Revolutionary (1981) by Louis W. Potts [in-depth study of Arthur Lee’s contributions to the revolutionary cause and his problems with Silas Deane] The Lee Girls (1987) by Mary P. Coulling [excellent family biography] The “Manner House” Before Stratford (Discovering The Clifts Plantation) (1980) by Fraser D. Neiman [overview of 17th-century archaeological site at Stratford]

Colonial/Revolutionary Period

The Festive Tradition by Louise Belden [history of foodways] Colonial Virginians at Play by Jane Carson [leisure time activities] At Home: The American Family 1750-1870 (1989) by Elisabeth Donaghy Garrett [excellent overall resource for use of domestic living spaces] Back of the Big House by John Michael Vlach [domestic spaces of slavery] The Making of Virginia Architecture by Brownell, Loth, Rasmussen and Wilson [history of architecture] Journal & Letters of Philip Vickers Fithian, 1773-1774: A Plantation Tutor of the Old Dominion (1945) ed. by Hunter Dickinson Farish [primary source on plantation life in Virginia]