Colonial Crossword Puzzle


1. Tobacco was packaged in large barrells called __________.
2. _________ were made at Stratford and were the main source of light in colonial times.
3. The _________ for grinding grain at Stratford Hall was powered by water.
4. Stratford Hall is located in __________ County.
5. Stratford is located on the ________ River
6. The ________ is where meats were cured.
7. Dairy products were stored at the ________ house.
8. Richard Henry and Francis Lightfoot Lee were the only two brothers to sign the Declaration of ________.


2. The large clusters of _________above the Great House roof are connected by arches.
6. Robert E. Lee’s birthplace was __________ Hall.
9. A log _________ stands as a memorial to William Wesley Payne, a long-time employee of Stratford.
10. _________ Lee built Stratford Hall.
11. The principle cash crop at Stratford was _________.
12. _________ was the cook at Stratford.
13. Arthur and William Lee were U.S. ________ to Europe

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