School Visits

Elementary School Educational Adventure (3rd – 6th grade)

As you will notice on the “program stations” page, we have revamped our programs, adding in new hands-on activities and extending the stations. In some cases, we merged two programs together because they were related to one another. Please be sure to read the program descriptions to find out all about our newly-updated programs!
Field Trip

  • Four-hour, customizable program for students
  • Hands-on participation approach
  • Immerses students in plantation life in 18th-Century Virginia
  • Teachers can select from a variety of program stations, each designed to meet Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) criteria
  • Allows teachers to create a unique learning experience designed specifically to their student and curriculum needs
  • All program stations last approximately forty minutes
  • Students travel in small groups from station to station with a knowledgeable, costumed Stratford Interpreter who serves as a mediator between past and present, teaching the material while facilitating important discussion and the station activities. The small group size ensures that each student receives individual attention and optimum time with the hands-on activities.
  • Most programs will continue rain or shine, but Stratford Hall reserves the right to alter program locations and length based on weather conditions.
  • Please note: school vehicles (buses/vans/cars) will be required to transport students to and from the mill and beach area when they participate in the Fossil and Mill stations.

Field Trip