Rediscovering the Historic House Symposium

In October 2009, professionals from a variety of related fields came together at Stratford Hall to discuss how historic sites could capture a wider range of visitors, particularly younger visitors who respond more favorably to a greater array of technological stimuli. This audio podcast, accompanied by informational screens, presents the findings of this multi-talented group.

House Symposium Podcast

Speakers from various disciplines—the gaming industry, academia, museums, and print media-included Kati London and Demetri Detsaridis of Area/Code Games; Tom Scheinfeld Director of the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University; Brian Sturm from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, who specializes in storytelling and storytelling theory; Philip Kennicott, the cultural critic for The Washington Post; Phil Bigler, a former national teacher of the year and Director of the James Madison Center at James Madison University; Barbara Charles, an exhibit designer with the firm Staples and Charles; and Jonathan Prown, Director of the Chipstone Foundation. Also on the panel were Cary Carson, retired Vice President of Research at Colonial Wiliamsburg and Kym Rice, Professor and Director of the Museum Studies Program at George Washington University.