Earth Day and Purple Squirrels, Oh My!

We celebrated Earth Day on Tuesday of this week. Whether you believe in global warming, or not, there is no doubt we have been on a crazy ride weather-wise here in the Northern Neck, just like the rest of the country. But then that is the point, we are not like the rest of the country. Our winters are usually fairly mild, never much snow; yes we might get the effects of a hurricane every seven to ten years, but an earthquake? Snowmageddon? A Derecho?  A Polar Vortex? An Allergy Vortex?  It is hard to figure out who is winning this battle, Mother Earth or the Weather Channel, until you realize there are purple squirrels.

As readers of this blog and fans of Stratford Hall everywhere are well aware, the squirrel is on the Lee family crest. The motto of “Non Incautus Futuri” on the crest means be not unmindful of the future.  So we keep a watchful eye here on everything having to do with squirrels (including the bird feeder), and I was surprised, no startled, to learn of the existence of purple squirrels and the controversy surrounding them:  There have always been red, grey, and even black squirrels, but purple? Is this yet another sign that Mother Earth is messing with us? Or that we are messing with her? Or just maybe, since purple is the color of royalty, this is simply the beginning of a rebranding effort by squirrels to enhance their image?

For now, alas, the only thing we squirrel watchers can do is to keep a watchful eye out, and of course, “Like” the Purple Squirrel Facebook page at

-Jim Schepmoes, Director of Marketing