Curatorial Collection

The Curatorial Collection consists of objects acquired for the purposes of exhibition or research. Such objects include decorative and fine arts, horse-drawn vehicles, tools and other utilitarian wares, textiles, and personal accessories. The collection also includes objects found within the architectural context (i.e., behind walls and under floor boards).

A furnishing plan is being developed for the Great House and surrounding outbuildings to reflect a new generation of information gleaned from historical, archaeological and architectural research. Architectural and archaeological investigations, as well as documentary research, are ongoing. Our goal is for visitors to be able to experience a setting that would have looked familiar to the Lees.

The Lee Heritage Interpretive Plan was developed as an outline for the interpretation of the historic area. It challenges us to effectively interpret four distinct periods of Stratford Hall’s history:

  1. The construction by Thomas Lee
  2. Economic development by Philip Ludwell Lee
  3. Its renovation by Revolutionary hero “Light Horse Harry” Lee and the birth of his son Robert E. Lee
  4. Its eventual restoration by the Robert E. Lee Memorial Foundation



Collection Highlight : The Margaret Law Silver at Stratford

Margaret Law gifted her collection of over two hundred objects, mostly eighteenth and nineteenth-century silver, to Stratford Hall in 1972. Though not original to Stratford, they are indicative of what domestic life would have been like in a house like Stratford during the period.  The online exhibition of collection highlights is the result of a research project undertaken by Curatorial Intern Lizzie Rogers during the summer of 2017.





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