Celebrating Our Boy Frank

Birthdays. Some of us hate them (Another year older?), while others of us adore them (A whole day for me?!). This week we celebrated the birthday of our own Francis Lightfoot Lee, born October 14, 1734. I suppose we could have waited one more year to highlight his 280th birthday, but doesn’t 279 sound like such a better age?

Frank was a likeable member of the Lee family as well as an extremely accomplished politician. He must have also been quite a charmer with the ladies, as his niece, Ann Hume Shippen Livingston, wrote a sonnet addressed to him that included the following:

Thy temper’s as soft as the dove’s
When she warbles aloft the air,
And thy converse enchantingly sweet,
When engaged in discourse with the fair.

October 14 is a special day for me personally as well, as it is the due date for my own baby boy. Obviously I’m writing this post in advance (hello, maternity leave!), so don’t know for certain when Baby Boy Pendleton will make his appearance. But if he and Francis Lightfoot Lee decided to share a birthday, well I think I’d be pretty happy about that.

Just don’t expect me to name him Frank.

-Gretchen Goodell Pendleton, Curator