A Romantic Gesture

One of the sweetest narratives relating to the museum collection at Stratford Hall involves a wedding ring that once belonged to Anne Fenton Lee. Daniel Carroll Brent married Anne at Stratford Hall on January 3, 1782. On that day, he gave her a rather elegantly simple gold band engraved with an inscription…“To heaven & thee I’ll faithful be.”’

Indeed, this ring was special. So much so that it took on a history of its own. In fact, the ring was lost in the Potomac River for several years, recovered, and returned to her son William. Soon after it became tradition for each of the women in the family to wear the ring, and it was passed down generation after generation until 1937 when Elizabeth Lyster married Edwin Dehby, Jr.

Today Stratford Hall can be considered a romantic destination for the following reasons:

  • Pastoral views
  • Strolls on the beach
  • Weddings throughout the year
  • Special dining opportunities on Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve
  • Wine and Oyster Festival picnics
  • And finally…quiet, starry nights

-Karen Louvar, Collections Manager