This Place Matters…

…and that is why all these people in the picture are involved at Stratford Hall–this is more than just a job.

This picture was taken to kick off Stratford Hall’s celebration of Preservation Month, which begins today. Many of our staff members are included in this photo, including the Executive Director, members of the Board of Directors, senior staff, interpreters, grounds keepers, housekeepers, volunteers, maintenance staff, and administrative staff. I think it is safe to say that everyone in this picture thinks of Stratford Hall as a special place and works hard to make sure it will be here for generations to come. We hope that you will take time this month and pitch in to help preserve a place that matters to you. No place is too small and every single one matters to our country’s cultural heritage.
The theme of this year’s Preservation Month is “This Place Matters.” Click here to see how you can participate and view other places that matter. The photo of all of us at Stratford Hall is now part of a growing collection of photos over on Flickr. You can even download your own “This Place Matters” sign and take a photo at your favorite place.

Stratford Hall will also be celebrating Preservation Month with an event on May 16th. Please come help us celebrate this important month and this historic site!