Stratford’s Popular Summer Camp Program for Grandparents and Grandchildren Adds Additional Camp for 2011

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STRATFORD, VA, (February 23, 2011) – Summer campers at Stratford Hall will learn first-hand what it took to make and lay the hundreds of thousands of bricks that are part of the Great House. They love to knead the gooey clay between their hands and plop it into a mold, one brick at a time. Next, they try “ramming” the soil to prepare a solid footing. Campers then give the bricks a smooth finish by rubbing them against a stone. Finally they “throw a line of mortar,” “butter” the bricks and lay them into a wall. The finishing touch is accomplished by striking a “penny-round joint” in the mortar.

Campers come to appreciate the challenge of bricklaying skills. Learning such a trade was for some an unspoken incentive to leave England and come to the Virginia colony. One 18th- century indentured servant at Stratford, Dennis McCroy, petitioned the court to have his indenture extended in order that he learn the bricklaying trade.

Bricklaying is just one of the many activities offered as part of Stratford’s popular Grandparent/Grandchild Camp program. Campers will also try their hands at spinning/weaving, fossil hunting, agriculture, archaeology, blacksmithing, music and art, marching with the militia, and cooking on an open hearth. And, as always, the ghost hunt is a highlight.

This year advance enrollment has exceeded expectations and an additional camp has been added. The 2011 camp dates are July 12-14, July 91-21 and August 2-4. A discount will be offered to 2011 campers for families exceeding two campers and for repeat campers. The cost for the camps is $310 per person for the three days, including comfortable lodging and all meals. The cost for repeat campers and/or family members numbering more than two is $290. The suggested age for children is first grade through age 12.

Registration can be done on-line through the website at For more information and a brochure, contact Bill Doerkin, at 804-493-8038 ext. 1026 or email