Let the Investigation Begin..

The Preservation Department here at Stratford Hall is getting busy again. We are currently preparing to start the investigation of the historic Dining Room and adjoining Cherry Tree Room with the intention to restore the spaces to the fourth generation of the Lee’s at Stratford.

The restoration will return the two spaces to their early 19th century appearance, which was the second round of Federal Period renovations carried out at Stratford. We have a solid idea of what it will take to carry out the restoration but we don’t want to share too much until we gather all the evidence and can support our current theories. In order to prepare for the investigation we will be removing all the collection objects from the room so that we can remove all the architectural fabric that was installed during the early restoration.

Currently in the rooms there is a combination of 20th century elements mixed with early elements from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. We just conducted initial paint analysis in order to better clarify the differences between these elements.

One little tease I will provide is that we have the original Federal Period wainscoting that will be set up in the Preservation Gallery for a undetermined period for the investigation. Stay tuned for updates on the progress or better yet stop by and see the investigation in progress over the next few months.

-Phil Mark, Director of Preservation