Greetings from AASLH!


The 2011 AASLH (American Association for State and Local History) Annual Meeting is being held in Richmond, only an hour from Stratford Hall. This proximity made it possible for me (Abigail Newkirk, Director of Interpretation and Education) and Gretchen Goodell (Curator) to attend. This year the theme isCommemoration: The Promise of Remembrance and New Beginnings.

Attending conferences is an important part of museum work. They are a chance to attend sessions on a variety of topics, network with museum employees from across the country, and speak to companies that provide services to museums. If you have been following this blog, you know how may projects we have in the works. Hearing about the successes (and failures) at other sites is an integral part of the process.

So far, I have been able to attend sessions titled:
  • Interpreting Divergent Voices and Challenging Narratives
  • Using Social Media to Engage Audiences in Museums and History Organizations
  • Inspiring the Next Generation: Adding Value and Outreach to Museum Education Programs
  • Programming for Pivotal Moments in History
  • Remember the Ladies: Commemorating Women’s Sacrifices, Achievements, and Rights
  • Beyond Numbers: What Does Success Look Like?

I am out of the office for a couple days, but that does not mean the work stops. Check out my temporary office. Technology makes working remotely much easier!