Falling into Autumn

What do you like best about autumn: the change in temperature, the crisp aroma in the air, the vibrant red, orange, and yellow hued leaves, apple cider, athletic events, or fun activities such as a hay ride or corn maze or creating a Halloween costume? Personally my favorite part is the pumpkin. Picking the perfect pumpkin from a patch is always an adventure which in turn adds a bit of cheer to the front stoop. There is simply a feeling of home and comfort this time of year.

As we prepare for this wonderful season, the Great House will undergo an exhibit transformation. All the summer-like aspects will disappear. The lime floral and crab pattern china will go to storage. Peaches and sweetmeats will eventually swap for hearty vegetables. Chairs will be adjusted while the fireplace tools and logs return to the rooms. The chamber bed hangings will be drawn and foot warmers kept at a close distance. All in all I suspect autumn for the Lees was quite lovely with a view of the trees and cross breeze through the Great Hall.

-Karen Louvar, Collections Manager