Did You Know?

My seven year anniversary is coming up in October and I have been reflecting on how far Stratford Hall has come during that time period. Stratford Hall has a lot of exciting programs and projects going on right now which are why I thought it appropriate to dedicate my blog post to them.

Did you know that our Comprehensive Campaign has generated twenty-seven new projects and programs over a five year span? Of those projects, nine are completed. Some of the projects include: restoration projects of the Great House and outbuildings; renovations of non-historic facilities; Historic Structures and Cultural Landscape Reports which are providing insight into the people, buildings and landscape over multiple centuries; cataloging of the rare book collection; and enhancing the visitor experience by expanding the stories we tell and providing new ways to explore Stratford Hall through mobile technology.

Did you know that the number of calendar events has tripled in the past seven years? Our programs are reaching a broader audience and span between scholarly symposiums to a family friendly Easter Egg Hunt.

None of this would be possible without the dedication and commitment of Stratford Hall’s staff. Although I am not responsible for any of the projects or programs, I am responsible for reporting the funding and expenditures for these projects. The spreadsheet is massive and is what made me realize just how much we are accomplishing.

-Helena Omohundro, Director of Budget & Finance