The Lee family coat of arms features the image of a squirrel, apparently to suggest the squirrel’s practice of saving nuts for winter and illustrating the Lee motto, loosely translated as “Be mindful of the future.” Stratford’s summer Grandparent/Grandchild camp program indeed recognizes the importance of educating our future generations of children by exploring our 18th century heritage. This includes a host of hands-on activities for the children and their grandparents- a wonderful intergenerational bonding experience for the campers. Registration for Stratford’s three camp sessions is now underway. The 2013 camp dates are June 25-27, July 9-11 and August 6-8. The cost of the program is $340 per person and includes comfortable air-conditioned lodging with private baths and all meals in the Stratford dining room. Registration information may be obtained from the Stratford web site: or by calling Bill Doerken, Camp Coordinator, at
(804) 493-8038, ext. 1026.

The camps include such activities such as blacksmithing, brick making, archaeology, colonial games, music, art, looking for shark teeth fossils, and a ghost hunt in the Great House. This summer the camp will include a visit to the George Washington Birthplace N.M. where campers will see sheep being sheared, oxen being worked, and survey the land like young George Washington. As John Elliot, a grandparent camp alumni wrote to Stratford, “It was an excellent learning and growing experience for young kids and their grandparents.” The Stratford squirrel would surely agree that grandparents who enroll their grandchildren in this program are indeed being “mindful of the future” of our next generation.

-Bill Doerken, Camp Coordinator

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